Upcoming shows and some musicians I like!

After the whirlwind of the recording and playing shows with the ever-so-entertaining-and-engaged Ryan Harvey and Kareem Samara, I have been going to some nice shows lately.

At a benefit fundraiser for a new Cuban @narchist social centre in the Spinhuis I saw ‘Almudena y Davide‘ play some revolutionary songs and blow everyone away (metaphorically speaking). Check them out!

And just a quick head’s up that ‘Cistem Failure‘, the new project of Roverrr and Momma Swift, among others, are on tour now- they are rowdy and fun as they are tearing down ‘cisheteropatriarchy, one banjo at a time’!

Yesterday I saw David Rovics play at ADM, alongside Tim Loud and X Ray Cat, the latter two will be playing at Joe’s Garage tonight, whereas David Rovics, The Bucket Boyz and me will play at the aforementioned Spinhuis- If you plan well (go to Joe’s first and then come see us at Spinhuis), you can go to both events. Unless you don’t have a bike. Then it’s impossible.