30th January: Recording and playing a few shows with Ryan Harvey and Kareem Samara!

My friends Ryan and Kareem are in town! We will work on recording some new things for Ryan’s new album, which he is putting out through his new supercool label Firebrand.

I’m very excited about working with them, plus we all get to hang out and we will even play a few shows together. One of them was yesterday in de Onderbroek in Nijmegen, always a pleasure. There was mad Dapke dancing, football and people playing music till seven in the morning!

The next day, we were invited by new friends to visit them at the refugee camp in Heumensoord, which was a very intense but good experience. We played some music with people, listened to stories and hung out in the recreational hall, which is something like a mix between an airport and a prison..

Tonight (3oth of January) we will play at The Office in Utrecht (Goylaan 125, food at 20:00 music at 20:30) and tomorrow we will be at de Bajesdorp Kofferbak markt in Amsterdam. Around 18:00?

Come by if you can!

On Monday and Tuesday we are recording in Amsterdam at Beau’s studio RPM. Good times!