My friend Old Seed is teaming up with Andy Kerr tonight!

My friend Craig Bjerring is back in town. He has been making music under the Old Seed moniker and he is teaming up with his punk-rock-legend-idol Andy Kerr, the guitarist of early NoMeansNo¬†, it’s gonna be at Occii, Amsterdam tonight. Hope to see you there!

Also, I will play a few shows in the near future, on the 18th of March I will be playing at de Spinhuis, as they commemorate the Paris Commune. Dennis Bos, the author of ‘Blood and Barricades’ (sic) will come speak, and hopefully Almudena y Davide will play, as will Leo Svirsky, fingers crossed!

Then on the 20th of March I will play at the parents of two of the Bucket Boyz, where we might play a few songs together, again fingers crossed!

And at the 2nd of April, I will play at the 10 year anniversary of a community kitchen in Zaandam! As soon as I got more info on that I will update this!