Solidarity song, for ‘De Vloek’, Political Social Centre under threat!

I sang a song as part of the campaign to save our beloved Political Cultural Centre ‘De Vloek’. A squatted space in the harbor of Scheveningen, currently under threat by the City and real estate developers. They want to tear De Vloek down, to build a club for rich sailers. Who already have a club. About 200 meters next to ‘De Vloek’. Half empty.

More info on De Vloek here:
And here too:

De Vloek is asking for more solidarity tunes for their campaign, so if you feel like singing or playing some music for this campaign too, send them a message!

(As you can tell from my attempt: it doesn’t need to be perfect, a re-write of a Dylan song will suffice, just have a friend film you and burst into song!