Amsterdam and The Hague shows

I have moved to Amsterdam but am still very much all over the place, that’s why I mostly tend to put up announcements for gigs at the very last minute.. Quite a lot of posts here are done eh.. on the day itself! Some shows are soo last minute I don’t even get time to put them up here. It just so happened that last month I played at the Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor (great video about the demonstrations’ origin here) demonstration and spontaneously played at a Kobane infonight in the MKZ, but there’s no mention on this site of these inspiring events anywhere.. I will try to update more frequently, so I thought it a good idea to mention two upcoming shows, one this week, the other one in december.

This friday the 13th of november, I will play a set in the NieuwLand voku in Amsterdam. NieuwLand is the first aqcuired building by the *really really* social housing corporation ‘Soweto‘. NieuwLand is a solidary and self-built space for living and working, and a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political neighbourhood centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost. More on them, here. Come on over to eat lovely vegan food and hangout!

I was invited by my friend Joan Mena, who creates music under the name of Ell Sol, to come and play at one of his events in The Hague. I really like what he does and am very happy to hear that he and Dorien Meijsing of Constellations will be travelling to Serbia together, to go on the Low Landing tour organised by WotNxT and Borislav Prodanović of Mesta. I was once fortunate enough to be invited by Borislav to come to Serbia to play, together with Pieter of Port Of Call. I’m very excited for Dorien and Joan. I hope you will join us at the Music in Transition gig, on Sunday, december 6th.